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Welcome to More Than A Tick Box

We are More Than A Tick Box, a social enterprise providing support to mothers through maternity leave and their return to work, with an emphasis on maternal mental health.

Maternity leave can bring mixed emotions. One minute you are excited for your bundle of joy. The next you’re in the toilets crying from exhaustion, worrying about how work will change whilst you aren’t there.

Will they still need me? What if my cover does a better job than me? Will I be able to cope with a baby and work? They are all common fears but to you they feel overwhelming and all-consuming.

Believe me when I say I know exactly how you are feeling. All the questions, doubts, tears, worries – I’ve been there. More importantly, I made it through to the other side!

Supporting mums through maternity leave and returning to work

Whilst pregnant with my second son I suffered with ante-natal depression and it had a huge impact on my family life.

I continued to work and put a brave face on but at home everything was falling to pieces. When my son arrived I wanted to spend more time bonding with him but I also had to recover from the turmoil of the effects of pregnancy and childbirth.

The sleep deprivation, overwhelming responsibilities and lack of time for myself put me on an emotional rollercoaster. All this coupled with the expectation of reporting back to work after a few months of maternity leave shattered every piece of me.

Within a year of returning to work, I realised my heart wasn’t in it, I struggled to motivate myself and the effect it was having on my family was becoming more obvious. I made the decision to quit my job and embarked on starting my own business.

My Purpose

It is said that you can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.
Being a mother who has struggled to strike a balance between my family and my job, my purpose is to reach out to others who are struggling with the thought of going on maternity leave or back to work. I’m passionate about helping mums so they don’t have to feel the despair and upset that I did.

  • So let me ask you a simple question…..How are you feeling?
  • Maybe you are feeling nervous about your impending maternity leave? Not sure what to expect or what plans you need to have in place?
  • Possibly feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to do, your pregnancy & looking after your mental health?
  • Are you anxious about returning to work? Worried about how you’ll balance work with a young baby? Overwhelmed with childcare options or money concerns?
  • Are you feeling mentally drained with everything?
  • We will explore your current situation and create a plan that will leave you feeling well balanced, energised and confident.
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Supporting mums through maternity leave and returning to work

If you answered Yes to any of these, we can help you to

Become the best version of yourself

More Than A Tick Box coaching services help you to feel good while you are at work and when you are with your family.

Personalised coaching tailored for you

We offer a personal, tailored approach to coaching – with an emphasis on mental health – so that you can feel good about your progress.

Focus on baby, not just work

A key focus for us is on how your baby or toddler impacts your experience at work and vice versa, so we offer advice for new mums.

Find your balance again

Our sessions are based on a bespoke coaching programme that helps you find balance between work and life, while also making sure that your mental health remains intact. Trust us, it’s doable!

Focus on the important things in life

At More Than A Tick Box, we believe in spending quality time with our loved ones, because at the end of the day – they are all that matters.